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16 Jan 09 We ended the previous session with the party standing in front of a lock iron door, having made it past the portcullis, and defeating a Gnoll Cackling Marauder. With a few frustrating failed attempts to unlock the door, Ragnar Cleric of Palor performed a Knock Ritual, opening the door. A hulking Bugbear berserker greeted the party the ensuing fight ended quickly with four Gnoll hunt masters, and the berserker slain. However the Gnoll shaman escaped again. The party locked themselves in the guard Gnoll guard room to spend the night rest and recover. Fresh and renewed the party set out traveling further into the under dark. Where they found a Duregar strong hold. After brief parley between Pludrin and the Bugbear guard, Pludrin successfully taunted the bugbear into chasing him, thus opening yet another portcullis. After a brief chase down the cavern corridor and back again the party battled a Duregar master Smith and his allies. Allowing only one Duregar rogue to escape. After a thorough search of the adjoining rooms we called it a night. To be continued on the 30th.



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