30 Jan 09

30 Jan 09

Continuing from our previous session, the party started to explore the second area of the Duregar fortress. The battle began with four Duregar guards, the Duregar Captain flanked by two Duregar casters entered mid battle trapping the party in a hallway. As luck would have it our ever present if not slightly late Dwarven companion came charging down the back hall distracting and eliminating one of the casters before entering the main battle. After a slightly hurried search, the party decided it best to rest and eat in the Grand Hall where apparently a feast was being prepared. After enjoying the fine meal they were interrupted by a goblin entering the room, which he very quickly exited. After the short pursuit and following search of the remaining section of the fortress. the goblin was left locked in the store room and the party decided not to try to cross the bridge, but to continue down the cavern following what appeared to be a caravan path. The main cavern shrunk and side passages began to appear and the river dove under the rock, shortly after we came upon what appeared to be a Duregar Inn. The party heard voices in side but decided to bypass and continue on. As we traveled it became clear that this way was a major thorough fair with many side passages which lead into a virtual labyrinth. The party took an extended rest in an out of the way cavern. The night watch heard a passing group heading back towards the inn, the party followed shortly after. Arriving at the Inn they found a group of Gnolls negotiating with the Duregar Selling Human slaves. Waiting for the two groups to enter the Inn and settle down, the party charged into the inn attacking the Gnolls. A short battle followed with the party fairly easily eliminating the Gnolls a three Duregar. The party searched and looted the inn, freed the slaves and managed to find the way out of the under dark and into the dark wood.

Plud and Ragnarr’s Round house was finished and ready for occupation. Ragnarr dealt with a new set of wizards that have set up shop in town in a Stone tower that had not existed a week prior.



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